Ramblin Wood

tree_smallIf you found this web page, then you must have been looking for Ramblin Wood. We are happy to say Ramblin Wood is alive and well but has had a bit of a metamorphasis. We changed our company name to Dapwood Furniture Co. while keeping Ramblin Wood as a series name. We felt a company name change was important to convey our youthful energy and can-do spirit. Simply compare the following definitions and we think you will see why a name change was important.

Ramble- wander around in a leisurely, aimless manner
Dapper- neat; trim; smart; agile; alert and lively in movement and manners

We whole-heartedly believe we do anything but wander so Dapwood was much more appropriate for us going forward while still maintaining the Ramblin Wood heritage.

We have a lot more in the works so stay tuned!


All of us at Dapwood Furniture